Terms of delivery

Minimum purchases and shipping costs

There is no minimum order limit for our orders. For orders under 50 euros, we add 10 euros of delivery costs. For orders over 50 euros, delivery is free. See also lower RETURN INSTRUCTIONS/COMPLIANTS.

Delivery time

The processing of the finished order and the delivery time of the products are currently 3-5 business days from the arrival of the order in Maritim’s online store.

A ready order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order has been approved.

If the product is temporarily out of stock or the product has an unusual delivery time, Note! Shipping product, the product will be delivered as post-delivery. The products of a single order can be delivered in several shipments. The customer will be notified separately about the availability and delivery of the delivery product.

The products are sent to the customer via Posti or orders can be picked up at the Lauttasaari store.

We pack the products to be shipped in cardboard boxes in which goods have arrived in Maritim’s warehouse. This is how we implement sustainable development in packaging.

A confirmation of all orders will be sent to your e-mail when the product has been given for delivery or it can be picked up from our store. Shipping With the tracking code, you can follow the progress of the package delivery.

Itella Economy 16

Posti sends an arrival notification for the package, which can be picked up at its own post office. The order will be sent a delivery notification by e-mail, which includes a shipment tracking code, so you can follow the progress of the package on Posti’s pages, Posti’s shipment tracking. You can use the tracking code to pick up the package from the post office, so you don’t have to wait for Itella’s arrival notification. In this case, you must have your identity card with you.


Posti stores shipments for two full weeks after the week of arrival, R-kioski stores shipments for two weeks, when picking up from a MaritimShops store, storage for two weeks.

Age limit

An order made by a guardian is always required for those under the age of 18.

Svea Payments service

The payment brokerage of the online store is carried out by Svea Payments Oy (business ID 2121703-0) in cooperation with banks and credit institutions. The use of the service does not require registration or payment of additional payments. Your payment will be registered immediately to the merchant and a confirmation message will be sent to your email. The message contains a link to the Buyer Services page, where you can take care of the merchant with the satisfaction guarantee, e.g. product returns, complaints and feedback around the clock. Svea Payments Oy’s operations are subject to the Financial Supervisory Authority (Fiva). All data transfer and money transactions are SSL protected, which means that no one outside can see your data. Your payment will be credited to the seller only after you have received your order and been able to check it. Inspection times are notified by e-mail on a case-by-case basis.
Read more about using the Svea Payments service »

Payment methods

Banks’ online payment buttons

You can use the online payment services of all Finnish banks.

Buying by invoice

SveaWebPay (later Svea) offers you the opportunity to purchase purchases against an invoice with a 14-day payment period. Please note the following:

The online retailer is responsible for any additional invoicing.

When you choose an invoice as the payment option, we check your credit information against your social security number. Purchases are delivered to the address found in the population register. If TUPAS identification has been possible during payment, and the identification has been done successfully, the purchase can be delivered to an address different from the population register.

The payment term is 14 days.

The late payment interest is 7% + the reference interest according to the Interest Act. We charge 5 euros for a payment note.

The buyer must be over 18 years old.

Buying in installments

SveaWebPay (later Svea) offers you the possibility to pay for purchases in parts. This is possible when you have accepted the credit terms and filled in your personal ID on the payment page. If you sign the installment agreement electronically with TUPAS identification, you can save or print the agreement for yourself immediately. If you did not sign the installment agreement electronically, you will receive an installment/account credit agreement with its conditions at home, which you must sign and return to Svea within 8 days. If the contract is not returned to us within that time, the entire purchase is due to be paid at once during the following month. Svea invoices interest and other possible costs according to the terms of the contract for the time between delivery and invoicing.

As an installment/account credit customer, you can make purchases on your account from Svea’s contract customers. You can make purchases whenever you have a credit limit left and pay for purchases in parts according to the terms of the credit agreement. The credit limit is the amount specified in the installment/account credit agreement. You choose the credit term that suits you best. The credit must be processed within the agreed credit period. It requires you to pay at least the agreed amount every month. Naturally, you can also pay off the entire loan at once, without additional costs.

If you want to use your account for other purchases during the contract period, but the payment term of your credit has already been selected as the maximum length, you should increase the amount of your monthly installment. Similarly, if you want to extend your payment period, you can reduce your monthly installment. If you buy from several online stores on your account, you will receive a separate invoice for all purchases. Despite this, we only charge you one account management fee/month.

If the payments remain unpaid, and we have not been contacted about handling the payment, we will transfer our receivables to Svea Perintä Oy for collection.

Read more detailed conditions at: https://www.sveawebpay.fi/kontovillor/
You can also get more information from the account credit agreement, which you can find at www.sveawebpay.fi

Contact Info

Svea Payments Oy
Company ID: 2121703-0

Mechelininkatu 1 A
00180 Helsinki

Phone: (09) 4241 7040, weekdays at 9.00 – 17.00
Email: [email protected]


Return instructions / Complaints:

If you want to return the product, it must be in the original package and sellable, and you must not write or stick anything on the package. Complaints must always be reported by email to [email protected]. MaritimShops is a separate operating unit, so products cannot be returned to the store without separate instructions. Return instructions are provided in writing, so you can send a return request to the address [email protected], from where you will be sent operating instructions for the return.

Products may not be returned without notification.

Remember to cancel the order or make a purchase change to the order also on the Svea Payments website, the link to which can be found in the order confirmation received in your e-mail.

Oy Maritim Ab (www.maritimshops.fi) reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by unilateral decision without prior notice. Orders are subject to the contract terms valid at the time of order, which appear above. Changes in the law enter into force immediately as such, unless otherwise stipulated in the law. We reserve the right to change prices, measurements, products and images without notice. The pictures in the online store are indicative. We are not responsible for errors in product information. The prices in the online store include VAT (24%). We comply with the general sales conditions of the Finnish Technical Trade Association.