Simple and cost effective. The V Cleat is one of the original methods for cleating rope and to this day is still the favoured option for many applications. Injection moulded from Vitamide 16 to give a strong and UV stable product to ensure it can endure a long life outside in harsh weather. V Cleats are the perfect choice for low to medium loaded applications where a quick and easy adjustment or release of rope is required. V cleats are commonly used to cleat tensioning systems for awnings, flag poles and simple boat control systems.

2,60 /Kpl sis. alv 24%
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Tuotetunnus (SKU) 9512077001

Fixing Hole Centres 53 mm
Fixing Hole Diameter 4 mm
Maximum Line Diameter 2-6 mm

Paino (kg) 0.02 kg
Pituus (mm) 65 mm
Korkeus (mm) 15 mm
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Valmistaja ALLEN
Tekninen nimi A.146